NO HOLDS Once the price increases at each point, there is no going back for any reason without exception. No holding until payday/pension, no exceptions because you were out of country, Internet down and didn't see message in time, personal catastrophe, was visiting the moon and had no communications with earth. It isn't fair to give one person one price and another person another price (even in private). No matter how you justify it in your head to make it alright, I will not agree and I will not make an exception even once. Spare me and you the uncomfortable position that we are both placed in if you ask. Beginning July 2016 We Have A New Software Licensing System UNDERSTANDING LICENSE CONCEPT Below this text area is a deeper discussion about the licensing system in use. Think of the software program like a brand new car... You go to a new car dealer and he tells you that you can have the awesome new car for free, on the condition that you buy all of your fuel from a single location. Think of the license as the fuel. You got the car (software) for free, but you still have to put fuel into the new car (license credits) to run it. You can let anyone drive around in your new car (software), just keep in mind that they are using up your fuel (license credits) How Your License Works Your license key works on a crediting system. Depending on the package you purchased, each license has enough credits to meet the needs specified. A single credit is deducted from your license each time you run the software. If you share your software license key, then that person will be using the credits associated with your license. If they share it, then those people will also be using your license credits. You can of course freely share this software and your license key - But remember, it is your own credits that those you share with are burning through. Once your license has used all of it's assigned credits, your license key will be automatically deactivated. You can always purchase additional license packs of various sizes from Your license code is unique to you - If you share it and then want to revoke access from the other person, we cannot do that for you and have no control over it. Be very careful who you share with. --- Multi-User License If you purchased a multi-user license, it comes with enough credits to last over a year for each user. Example: If you purchased a 5 user multi-license, then your license will have enough credits to last all 5 people over a year with heavy usage. You simply send them a copy of the software and your license key. Stress the importance of not sharing your license key with others. --- Expired License In the event that you (or your team) burn through your license key more quickly than you had intended, go to our site and buy yourself another license key (multiple options to choose from). In the event that you or your team members inadvertently share your license key with or without your consent, Go buy yourself another key and strongly evaluate your team members to decide who you need to not give your next license to. License packs are non-refundable. Do Not buy software or license packs unless you fully understand and agree with the terms and conditions related to your purchase found here as well as on our legal page. I Sent You An Email More Than 48 Hours Ago And Have Not Received Any Reply - Are You Ignoring Me? No, of course not! We respond to 100% of the support requests sent to us. The #1 cause for someone not receiving a reply is because your mail provider has blocked the email reply we sent to you. If you have not received a reply, try using a different email address and resend your request - We'll of course reply again and the message should be delivered to you since you are using a different mail provider. For example, AOL mail sometimes delivers our replies and sometimes they bounce them. Comcast rarely delivers our mail, and even Hotmail bounces our mail on a random basis. So, try sending your support request from a different email provider. (gmail for example) I Purchased A Product But Didn't Receive It - How Do I Get It? I sell products through the following processors. WarriorPlus WarriorFourm Each of those providers keep track of all of your purchases and make those "thank you" pages available to you from within their site. So simply go to the appropriate site, use their process for seeing your purchases, and you'll have instant access to your product. If you still can't find it, by all means connect with me and I'll help you get squared away. Skype: Clifton Wade